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Entryway Envy

July 10, 2017

Of all the places in our house to decorate, I have struggled with our entryway.  It is a bit small, dark, and doesn’t get enough light for most plants to survive (thank god for great faux plants!). I feel like I am ALWAYS looking at ways to improve our entryway, and eyeballing entryways that I envy for their light, feel and space.

Since an entryway is the first impression someone has when they walk into your home, you want it to be a good starting point for the vibe of the rest of the house; however, it can also be a place to do something fun and bold, and take a little risk since it tends to be a smaller space and generally more contained. This can be done by using fun patterns, wallpaper, tile, or a bold color on the walls or ceiling. It can really be that simple? Paint a wall? Sure!

In my entryway, I felt I couldn’t put too much pattern or color on the walls because it opens up into our formal living room which is a big white space, and they are not very separated. The edges of the walls all bleed together.

One thing I felt the space did need was some kind of a mirror to make it seem bigger, and I also wanted something a bit decorative to distract from the ugly boring wall, oddly placed light switch, and closet door. I found a great mirror at Overstock, and although I love the mirror…..I do wish it was slightly bigger……

I couldn’t find a console table that I loved, was the right size, and wasn’t a million dollars. Since we tend to take our shoes off in the house, I felt a bench would be more conducive for people to use than a table. So I searched for a good bench and settled on one from Target.

I gave my try at a few real plants in the corner, but they all started to die since the space hardly gets any natural light, so I settled on this pretty decent faux palm. (also from Target)

Overall, the entryway is still a work in progress, it is the one space I feel I can update as colors change or as patterns change, but with limited space, this works pretty well!

In my quest to always improve the entryway, I cam across a number of great ideas to incorporate pattern and color.

Here are a few bold entryways done with wallpaper that I have serious envy over:


Source: Rue Magazine


Source: Pierce and Ward (I die over this one!)

But sometimes, just a little color will make a world of difference, like these beauties below:

Source: Tiny House Giant Life (I just love this entry!)

A Minimal Modern Entryway Makeover from White Walls to Dark Drama

Source: Paper & Stitch

Source: The Design Files

black wall trim

Source: pinterest

If you aren’t into the bold colors or patterned wallpaper, sometimes the best method is to make sure you have good composition in your space. Here are a few great, yet simple entryways that still make a bold statement.



Source: A Beautiful Mess

Source: Pinterest

modern rustic living room makeover // sarah sherman samuel

Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

And lastly, if you want to really do something wild and crazy, (“hey you guuuuyys!”), you can go with making your floor or ceiling become the interest in the entry. Here are a few I think have that magic touch.

Source: Elle Decor

Gravity Home: Location Home in London

Source: 1st Option

Source: Pinterest

Source: Apartment Therapy

That last image puts the finishing touches on what I say is an all around beautiful entry. The textures, patterns, and colors are amazing, and I would die to have an entry large enough to withstand some color! Maybe one day…..I might just have to test some out.



Home Decor

A Little Art Goes A Long Way

June 26, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post, one way to bring color (and green) into your home, is by finding great art to incorporate into your space. It always amazes me how much a room will change once there is some artwork up on the wall.

Now, I have to admit, I am not a HUGE art connoisseur. I love art, but was no art major, and I don’t spend thousands of dollars on art – plus, things in my house still break or get sticky fingers on them (thanks kids) so I try not to buy things that I will regret if something happens to them. With that said, I think that there are a TON of resources for art and even cool one of a kind art, that aren’t that expensive.

For me, I always chose my art based on how I react to it. It’s kind of like falling in love at first sight. If it makes me immediately happy and I am drawn to it, then I will try to figure out if could work in my house. But sometimes it just doesn’t. Sometimes it’s not the right fit. It can take some time to find that “right fit” for your space, your aesthetic, and your artistic desire.

And if you are like me, your aesthetic changes often, so investing in really expensive pieces might not be the way to go. Here are some great resources I’ve found.

(Click on each photo if you want to purchase or find out more about each artist!)


I have found great pieces on Etsy, but I have to admit that it’s taken me awhile time to find them. There is a wealth of different types of art on Etsy. I tend to fall a bit more abstract in my art, but you can pretty much find anything on Etsy (contemporary, modern, portrait, pop, landscape, vintage etc…)

Here are a few artists I have loved for my own home, but may be a good match for you!

I had the painting over our mantel done by an artist on Etsy. I liked her painting, but the dimensions just weren’t correct for our space, so she made one in the requested dimensions and specific colors! It was awesome, and super easy. A lot of the artists on Etsy will customize your needs.

Original Abstract Painting Acrylic Modern abstract art 42x36" green purple mint green field neon yellow Landscape Free Shipping Everywhere

As posted on instagram, Little Print Press by Emma Lawrenson is one of my ALL TIME favorite silk screeners, and Etsy shops. I have followed her for years. She has such beautiful work and colors, and all her prints can easily be used in any space. I am a big fan of geometric prints, so I am completely drawn to her soft colors and designs.

If you are looking for a good whimsical botanical print, or something that works well into a gallery wall, I highly suggest Leah Duncan. I have her Planty print below, but she has some other fun botanicals.

Planty Print

I also love these Monstera palms by Color Watercolor. They have some great botanical prints in watercolor if that is the medium you prefer.

I love the giclee portraits that Clare Elsaesser creates. The colors she uses blend so well together and feel very authentic in design. I really love her take on portraits and abstract art.

Dark Seas . giclee art print

Unclasped . extra large wall art . giclee print


I have been a long time follower of Hayley Mitchell and her beautiful women paintings. I can’t even explain why except they feel empowering and have such bold color. I think I am finally going to pull the trigger on this one below!

Ariella PRINT 16x20

If you are looking for a little abstract design with bright colors, you cant go wrong with Parima Creative Studio

Leoni, Giclee Abstract Print, from Original Abstract Acrylic Painting 9x12 -24x32, pink abstract, blue abstract



I love this site because it offers a wide range of art, and a lot of original art. Many up and coming artists use this site to get further recognized, and the curators of the site can also help you find the perfect piece for you! The prices do range, but there are a lot of great options under $500. Here are a few I found.


Both Artfully Walls and Minted offer great options for inexpensive pieces that can seem more expensive especially if framed correctly. Most of their items are all under $100! There are so many options to chose from, you won’t feel like you are joining a mass market production of art. There are also many size options and print options as well as some can come completed framed already! They make it super easy. (two thumbs up)

Here are some of my favorite finds from Artfully Walls.

Flowers in a Vase 

Lands 7 Negba 

I posted a few of my favorites from MINTED on my previous post, but here are a few additional ones I always find my eye drawn to.

"Mornings Away" - Art Print by Emily Jeffords in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes."Óbidos" - Art Print by Heather Deffense in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes."Turq" - Limited Edition Art Print by SETH SMITH in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes. "pink cactus " - Art Print by Baumbirdy in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes. "almond milk" - Art Print by Carolyn MacLaren in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes. "MOTEL CALIFORNIA" - Art Print by SETH SMITH in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.


Now, there are also a lot of great independent artists out there that you can buy directly from. A few of them are listed below who I personally love.

Leslie Weaver is an amazing mixed media artist whose focus is mainly drawing girls and their fashionable outfits.


Emily Jeffords is one of my favorites for landscapes. She truly captures the feeling of being outside so beautifully!


I love what Kristin Texeira does with her abstract drawings. She picks such great colors and shapes together to make these fun pieces.

In Bocca Al Lupo - Limited Edition Print

Leah Bartholomew also has this incredible ability to create amazing color stories in her abstract paintings that seriously creates happiness when I look at them.

ART PRINT | grey carrol myrtle by leah bartholomew

I mentioned Lisa Lapointe in my previous post, but feel it necessary to post about her again as she also has this abstract whimsical creativity that is so prevalent in all her artwork. Her pieces are bold and powerful.

Witch Doctor

Last but not least, a few additional ways to create some great art in your house are by taking items you like, such as a scarf or your kids amazing school art class “masterpiece”, and getting it properly framed. A frame can really do wonders to a piece of artwork! I used Ebay to find the the scarves that I framed for our living room below.

Hope you too can find the art that works for you!

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